Dr. Chris Harris

Chris is a co-author of the Shingo Prize Award winning book Making Materials Flow published by Jim Womack and the Lean Enterprise Institute. Chris has also co-authored 4 other books with Rick Harris. Chris has also written many articles on Lean Enterprise Systems.

Chris began his Lean training as a team member on the assembly line at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK).  While at TMMK Chris was taught by the professionals the proper use of TAKT time, standardized work, production status boards, and the utilization of Andon Boards and the Andon system. Chris continued his lean training at Toyota Tsusho America in Georgetown, KY.  Chris gained valuable hands on experience in returnable containers, Kanban card systems, supermarkets, milk runs, and lean pricing. Chris realized the need to become knowledgeable in the implementation of lean in a unionized environment. Chris received this training as a front line supervisor at Delphi Alternator Division in Anderson, Indiana, a UAW environment.  While in this position, Chris gained a keen understanding of what is required to implement lean in a unionized environment. Dr. Harris decided to take another avenue and went into Corporate Purchasing at a Tier one automotive company. In this position Chris learned the importance of Purchasing’s role in Lean Enterprise Systems, and the affect of “Global Purchasing” on the enterprise value stream                                                      

​Chris has a Doctor of Business Administration from the Anderson University Falls School of Business in Anderson, Indiana.  He is Vice President of Harris Lean Systems (www.harrisleansystems.com), and teaches workshops on various topics that assist companies on their Lean journey. Chris has spoken at the Lean Summit in Poland and has been a regular featured speaker for Jim Womack and the Lean Enterprise Institute.


Year                Degree          Awarding Institution         Major Field           

2012                MS                 Clemson University         Youth Development Leadership

2007               DBA                Anderson University         Management

2003               MBA               Anderson University          NA

1999                BS                 University of Pikeville       History/Political Science


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