Developing a Lean Workforce

About This Book

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This resource:

  • Shows that a systematic method of training is needed to develop human resources into a lean-thinking workforce
  • Provides sample training sessions and explanations that you can use to involve and train employees right now
  • Shows the benefit of continuously training associates, whether they’re newly hired or are getting trained in new areas
  • Involves all employees from within the facility as well as team and group leaders

Transform your HR Department into an Agent of Change during Lean Implementation. Changing an organization from a mass manufacturing environment to a lean environment is significant and affects all levels of the company if the implementation is done correctly. Many times, however, lean implementers become so involved with the nuts and bolts of lean implementation that the “people” side of the business is neglected.

With an HR perspective, veteran teachers Chris Harris and Rick Harris walk readers through a simple, step-by-step proven method for transforming a mass production workforce into a lean thinking one that possesses the necessary skills, training, and attitude to march in a new direction. They explain the role of human resources in a lean-oriented facility, emphasizing systematic training that continues for all employees. They also discuss the value of promoting employees from within a facility to team leader and group leader positions, and the importance of flexibility. This critically acclaimed book includes sample training sessions with explanations.

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