About HLS

Established in 1995, Harris Lean Systems, Incorporated (HLS) is a network of Lean professionals that provide companies and organizations with support in understanding and implementing Lean Enterprise. HLS views Lean Enterprise (derived from the Toyota Production System) to be the only true model for sustaining continuous improvement. HLS supports companies that wish to adopt or adapt the Toyota Production System, develop their own Lean production system.

HLS members are Lean practitioners that are committed to providing truly expert services, supporting Lean Enterprise initiatives providing value added services for their customers. HLS members are Lean professionals with many years of experience implementing lean systems, and many run their own company.

Our approach is one that is plan-based yet action-oriented. We will develop a plan based on mapping the current state and future state value streams (using the Learning to See value stream mapping approach). We will ensure the transfer of both understanding and implementation skill from us to staff leaders. You can expect to see visible change in your operations within a matter of months. In contrast with other “Lean consulting companies” we do not demand that you commit to placing some of our Lean practitioners in your facilities on a fulltime basis (We have found that this practice actually inhibits the transfer of knowledge and know – how) nor do we emphasize, quick hitting kaizen activities. Typically, these kaizen activities are not sustainable. We drive for quick change that is sustainable through a 12-step approach to ensure that the learning is transferred and the systems are in place.

HLS serves many broad industries, including:

–  Manufacturing
–  Healthcare
–  Office
–  Service Businesses
–  More…

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