12-Step Material and Scheduling Training

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Where: Embassy Suites Coldstream,
1801 Newtown Pike, Lexington, Kentucky
When: July 9-11
Cost: $2000 per person



Many organizations have attempted a lean implementation over the past 20 years but have fallen short of their goals. Since our inception in the late 1990’s, Harris Lean Systems (HLS) has continually developed and improved a systematic approach to implementing a comprehensive lean production system. Beginning with a model value stream to learn the process and develop an infrastructure for the successful implementation of the system through all value streams in the facility and ending with a glass wall process to ensure continuous improvement, Harris Lean Systems has developed a 12-step process to systematically implement a proven lean system.
Production facilities have worked on labor efficiencies and productivity gains for many years, however ensuring proper material delivery and presentation to the production areas has been one of the last things considered. This leads to the problem of not having the right components at the right place, at the right time. The only way to control the production process is to control the material delivered to the area. Though a comprehensive material delivery system is imperative to an efficient lean production system, it cannot happen in a vacuum.
Have you ever been scheduled to make a finished product, but you did not have the components to produce the product? Many organizations have this happen often. Therefore, combining the materials organization and the scheduling organization is necessary to ensure the correct components arrive in the correct place at the correct time. Once the Scheduling and Materials organizations are combined, then the facility can be scheduled differently.
Currently many organizations schedule to customer due date without regard to the efficiency at which the production areas produce the product. Our contention is a production facility should be scheduled in a manner to run efficiently while also meeting customer demand. Learning to schedule a facility in an efficient manner is a necessity to long term productivity and cost reduction gains.
This 12-step training will walk you through the 12-steps with hands on examples and detailed explanations of the steps and why this approach builds on each step to implement a complete lean production system. This training is completed in 2.5 days. The following is an outline of the planned takeaways for each day. If you have any questions, please contact Chris Harris at chris.harris@harrisleansystems.com or (843)318-1581.
The cost is $2,000 per person.

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