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Lean Flow Training Program

About This Course

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This 2-day workshop focuses on flow. There are three types of flow in an operation. They are information, material, and people. We will touch on all three focusing on people and material in this workshop.flowarrow2

Learn How To:

Develop Flow At your Pacemaker Process

 Understand your pacemaker process
 Understand different types of work motion
 Understand how to time the work motions
 Paper kaizen
 Utilize all of these tools to create flow at the pacemaker process

Go to the Next Level

 Focused attention on the development of a lean production system
 Create a material flow system
 Carry the right amount of inventory
 Control operations through an efficient material flow system

Who Should Attend

Plant Managers, Materials Managers, Engineering Professionals, and Production Associates that are interested in implementing lean production systems in their company.

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